Shore Excursions in Greece

excur1 Relaxation

At the port, you will be met by your own personal guide.  Enjoy your tour, at your pace and see the places that you wish to visit.  No rushing and pushing in the crowds, or straining to see and hear your guide
excur2 Luxury
Your transport may be with a private limousine or deluxe mini-coach.  Either way you won’t have to queue, or fight for the best seat!

Let us help you choose where and what you’d like to eat, instead of being herded into the convenient tourist trap.
excur3 Flexibility

You can decide what time you wish to leave on your tour, no more early morning calls!
Visit the sites that you want to see, especially the places that the regular tourist buses cannot reach.
excur4 Special Interest Group
Maybe you are a group traveling from your Church, school or with family.  You wish to visit places of interest, which aren’t offered on the regular organized tours.
Not only can we arrange the tour for you it will probably be less expensive as well!

Shore Excursions

Shore Excursions in Greece


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