Avoid dangerous apps in Facebook

Facebook apps and games are commonly known to the fans of the most popular socialnetwork in Greece and abroad.
But how secure are these applications? Who guarantees, that those apps are safe toinstall and will not compromise our computers?
Lately these apps have become a headache for IT security engineers. You cannotalways know who might be the developer of an application and how this app managesthe collected data from users using this application. Also it is impossible to checkout an application before you install it, so you remain completely unprotected tomalicious developers and hackers.
You should always be careful with those facebook applications, which you install inyour facebook profile. Do not accept any quiz you receive or any game that comesto you. You should also check the privacy settings on the Facebook applicationssettings. From this menu you can control which applications can access your personalinformation and which can’t.
An app is short for application which is by definition is computer software designed to help the user to perform singular or multiple related specific tasks.
Also be very carefull about intalling a toolbar to your favourite browser. Browser toolbars harvest your browsing history, internet activity and  send it back to its source where who knows whatelse they do with it, besides selling users stats and internet activity.
These browser toolbars are commonly found in online games like those in facebook, MySpace and other site providing free information like CNET Primarily toolbars act as a tool for make life easier for a userwith nifty tools and widgets, smilies ect.So be warned about these ad-on toolbars and some may be very difficult to get rid of once they installed themselves and other hidden, scripts of programms on your hard drive.

IT Security Intelligence Athens, Greece
Facebook apps and games  and the security issues involved. How secure are these applications?
Who guarantees, that those apps are safe to install and will not compromise our computers?
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