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TRUST–IT IT Security Intelligence Athens, GreeceIt is essential to have one of the best antivirus software installed in your computer inorder to be satisfactorily protected from the great and increasing number of thousandsof malicious computer programs around such as viruses, malware, spyware, adwareand many more, which have been created to harm our information system.
Viruses can spread from one computer to another (in some form of executablecode) when its host is taken to the target computer and usually cause harm to theinformation system (computer).
It is clear enough that avoiding viruses and other malware is very important to thehealth and stability of a computer. Although it is also clear that antivirus software canbe really expensive!
We now provide you some of the best antivirus software that you may find online, allat the very best price: free!

• Avast Anti Virus Free
Avast is one of the most popular computer security software. This free software offersa good amount of protection against a wide range of threats such as malware andadware and a great range of viruses.

• Avira AntiVir Free Program Version
Avira is not as well known as Avast, however the free software is good enough andreally effective. It protects against all common forms of malware (viruses, spywareadware etc.), and even protects against more sophisticated attacks such as rootkits.This is one of the best.

• Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft offer MSE free to all its Microsoft Windows Vista and 7 owners. Youonly have to verify that you own a valid license on Microsoft’s website (automaticvalidation), and then you get it for free. It is a very small download which is easy tobe installed.

• BitDefender Free
BitDefender Free is a well known antivirus software too but it doesn’t guard againstthe whole range of malware. BitDefender Free guards only against viruses and thisis the reason why a user might look elsewhere. On the other hand the paid versionprotects against all forms of malware.

• Comodo Antivirus
Another well known antivirus, especially for businesses and not that much forsimple users, is Comodo. You should really pay attention on it because this antivirussoftware can be downloaded for free and it provides pretty good protection.

• AVG Antivirus Free
Αnother famous antivirus in this market, exactly like BitDefender, is AVG Antivirus.The free version of AVG is really effective and does what is described. Of courseit might not be as good as some of the paid software on the market, although this issomething that the user should expect considering it is free.

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