Holidays in Greece!

Greece, renown for its unique beauty all over the globe, will by all means offer you the experience of a lifetime…Greece is a one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean Sea and I am convinced that no traveler that has ever visited Greece will ever describe his holiday there as a bad experience…

Athens, the capital of Greece, is one of the places that you must not miss should you visit Greece. Athens is an amazing city to discover on your own with its numerous museums, archaeological sites such as the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Panathenaic Stadium where the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held in 1896, and of course “the harmony between material and spirit”, the Parthenon in Acropolis, additionally Athens is full of parks, hills and the shopping areas like Kolonaki, Hermou, Monastiraki and Plaka.

Moreover, Piraeus, the port of Athens (and the second greater in all Mediterranean Sea), is the starting point of many cruise ships that set sail to the breathtaking Greek islands. Cruise ships visit the islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Patmos, Rhodes, Hydra, Poros and Aegina, each and every one of them with its unique beauty and sea shore.

Furthermore, Greece is closely tied with many historical incidents from the Christian times. Here, you are given the opportunity to follow the steps of Saint Paul in Greece by visiting the sites of Kavalla, Philippi, Thessaloniki, Meteora, Delphi, Athens and Korinthos, the road that Saint Paul used to convey the Christian Religion. In addition to this tour there is also the Biblical Greece and Turkey tour where you can visit all the historical sites that the Ionians and the Korinthians left behind.

No matter which part of Greece you visit the magnificent landscapes will sure ly leave you with wonderful memories
In order to make your holiday in Greece unforgettable make sure to contact an experienced travel agent
that you can really rely on…


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