Hands-on cooking lessons at “The Mansion” Erkina Villas, Kalami – Corfu

Erkina Villas and Avgerini Catering organize hands-on Greek cookery demonstrations as well cooking lessons at “The Mansion“, in Kalami on Tuesdays and Fridays, 6pm – 10pm.

“The Mansion’s”  large patio by the beach is the ideal place for getting to know better the essence of Greece’s food culture. A food culture that is the definition of the so called Meditarranean cuisine. The demonstrations as well as the hands-on cooking lessons are followed by a sit down meal of the prepared food accompanied by fine labeled Greek wines.

Recipe and wine notes are provided to all participants so that they can cook and share everyday greek cuisine with their family and friends back home

Tuesdays – “Mezedes” Table, 6pm-10pm

Hands-on cooking lessons at "The Mansion" Erkina Villas, Kalami - Corfu

A selection of Greek hor d’ oeuvres

Sit down meal follows the preparation accompanied by fine labeled Greek wines

Fridays – A tradidional Greek Menu, 6pm-10pm

A four course hands-on cooking lesson meal with starter, salad, main course and desert

Sit down meal follows the preparation accompanied by fine labled Greek wines

Just for this Friday 08JUL we start with a “Mezedes” hands-on cooking lesson !!!

Maximum number of participants: 12 persons per hands-on cooking lesson

Price per person: 70,00 euros

Price includes:

– hands-on cooking lesson by experienced cook in English

– advice and guidance by the cook on how to prepare the menue

– very good quality of fresh organic ingredients where available

– sit down meal of the dishes prepared during the hands-on cooking lesson

– fine labeled Greek wines during meal

– recipe and wine notes


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